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UNITES Mourns YSR death in helicopter crash
The incident of YSR deaths in helicopter crash, along with 4 others died in his helicopter crash. They are: Dr P Subramanium, the special secretary to the Chief Minister; ASC Wesley, Chief Security »
UNITES Mourns fire accident victims at Carlton tower in Bengaluru
The incident of people injured in a major fire that broke out on Tuesday at the Carlton Towers, which houses many commercial offices and establishments, on Old Airport Road at Domlur here. Highlights »
How will the Budget benefit IT professionals?
Following article is on Indian Budget 2010. We from UNITES had written to Prime Minister & Finance Minister and the lobbying done by us under “Stop the Pink Slip” is bearing fruits »
IBM layoffs top 1,600 across several work groups, union reports Let us get united to protect the job. »
CSC Exploits Indian IT professionals?
UNITES IT union in India & PROSA Danish professionals union say CSC computer services company exploits Indian IT workers UNITES & PROSA believes that CSC Denmark must assume responsibility »
Banking on workers’ rights in HSBC – Global Agreement Now!
Please sign the petition Banking on workers’ rights in HSBC – Global Agreement Now! this is to support them Forward it to your friends »
CSC under scanner for ‘exploiting’ Indian IT professionals in Denmark
Following is the article that has come in Indian Leading newspaper Economic »
April 1, 2010, the historically significant date on which the much-debated Right To Education (RTE) Act will come into effect, private schools are evincing interest in the modalities in reserving 25 »
In NSR can a employee be black listed, I am asking this as some employers have said this to employees!
Dear Brothers & Sisters, I had asked the above question to National Skills Registry is a NASSCOM initiative & following is the reply! National »
Cranes Software: No pay since March 2009
Cranes Software: No pay since March 2009 Jayadevan PK & Imran Khan Express News ServiceFirst Published : 05 Sep 2010 03:57:21 AM ISTLast Updated : 05 Sep 2010 01:31:22 PM IST BANGALORE »
The Art of living Programme
The Art of living Programme The Art Of Living Programme was conducted between 20th to 25th September, 2005 at CBPOP office seminar hall in Vasanthnagar, Bangalore. This was done based on the request »